About Us

Smith’s Farm Shop is a family business. Our first retail venture was selling strawberries at the farm gate in 1958. In response to growing demand, the main farm enterprise gradually switched from cereal growing to market gardening. Since the early days, the farm shop has evolved into a modern business with a great diversity of product lines. This has been driven in part by the modern consumer preference for “one-stop” grocery shopping.

However, we never lose touch with our core beliefs, namely to sell the freshest, great tasting produce, sourced in season from British farmers and growers. We’re pleased to say our own farm at Chapel Brampton still grows the crops for which we have become known over the years; namely, asparagus, potatoes and pumpkin squash.

We invite you to pay us a visit and put our products to the test. Our regular customers tell us that that they come back time and again because Smith’s produce can’t be beaten for freshness and flavour, all at prices that compare well against larger U.K. food retailers.

Our Retailing Philosophy

At Smiths Farm Shop, we strive to meet the expectations of you, the customer, in all the areas listed below:

    • Freshness and Quality
    • We source the majority of our products from UK producers, aiming to source from those most local to us before looking further a field. Short journey times help ensure products arrive on our shelves in near-perfect condition. This means our products are bursting with flavour with highest nutritional value.
    • A good selection of seasonal vegetables are grown on our own farm behind the shop, so the “food miles” are zero.
    • Our customers tell us that our fresh fruit and vegetables will keep for longer at home than produce bought from many of the larger retailers. Cutting down on waste means further savings for your pocket.
    • “The customer is King”¬†We want our customers to really enjoy their shopping experience, and we will go out of our way to ensure our customers are always happy. Whether that means helping you carry your shopping to the car, or ordering something in we don’t already stock, just ask, we will be more than happy to help!
    • We sell in the quantities that our customers want to buy. For example, we don’t pre pack our fruit and veg, so you can buy it in the quantities you wish. Unlike the largest retailers, we do not make you buy set-sized packs.
  • The Shopping Experience. We aim to provide a relaxed and enjoyable shopping experience. At our Chapel Brampton site, you will find several other attractions to add a bit of fun and interest to your shopping trip. Come and see Henry the Kune Kune Pig, or Toulouse, Mister Ram, and Pompidou the Ouessant Sheep!
  • Value. Our consistent high quality is one of the main reasons why people keep coming back to Smiths Farm Shop. This does not mean to say we cannot be competitive on price – why not pay us a visit and find out for yourself?.

Local Community

As a family business we try to give something back to the local community that supports us. We hope to promote a better understanding of food production and the countryside by making plots of land available to local community groups like scouts and schools. To get things moving in the early season, we are happy to provide seedling plants to plant out on the plots – for example, pumpkin plants.

The notice board just inside our Chapel Brampton shop doorway is also a good source of community information.

Farming Methods


We fully use natural fertilizers and organic manures to grow our crops. Our policy is to minimize the volume of chemicals we use to keep crop pests and diseases at bay.

The farm soil types are light loams and sandy soils. This means that the soils warm up quickly in the Spring, which allows us to plant early crops like asparagus and potatoes. However, light soil is very free-draining, so irrigation is vital for many of our vegetable crops. The image below shows the irrigation pipes which deliver water from our storage tanks to the growing crop.

Green Waste Recycling

Smiths Farm Shop green waste recycling

All the green vegetable waste produced by the shop goes back onto the land and is incorporated into the soil. Adding organic matter regularly helps keep the soil in good physical condition and, of course provides nutrients for the growing crops.

Wildlife Conservation

We take great care to minimize the impact of our farming operations on the native wildlife species that live on the land.

Skylarks have traditionally flourished on the 65 acres at Smiths Farm, and we work hard to maintain their habitat for future generations. There are an estimated seven breeding pairs at Smiths Farm and their distinctive song can be heard throughout the spring and summer months. The skylark is a ground-nesting bird, so we purposely leave several acres of rough grass for breeding.

More information on the skylark can be found at the RSPB website. This link includes several sound and video clips of the skylark.

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