How we help to minimize food waste at Smiths Farm Shop

January 10th, 2013

On the news today there was an article about worldwide food waste, about 80% of food is wasted in sub Saharan and third world countries. Most of this food waste is lost between harvest and the marketplace, either being lost in the field or during the poor transportation to the marketplace. In the western world, America, Europe and the UK, the losses are more like 40% – 50%. The majority of this food being wasted is primarily from supermarkets, being picky on the fruit and vegetables they select, whether it be misshapen or the wrong size. Then there is the wastage at home from the customer, who succumb to buy one get one free offers, or buying large quantities at discount prices, so they buy more than they need, consequently it doesn’t all get eaten and is then thrown away. Use buy or sell by dates being unnecessarily short and strict means that lots of food is wasted every year by supermarkets.

At Smiths Farm Shop we hate food waste! We don’t buy from supermarket farms, we select and grade fruit ourselves and it comes direct from the farmers themselves. We get around the freshness side of things by choosing local farmers, our fruit and veg arrives fresher, so when you take fruit and vegetables home from us they  have much longer dates on them, invariably a much longer date than you would get from a supermarket. We don’t pre-pack our fruit or veg either so that you can buy it in the quantities you wish, one apple, one pear, a single tomato, rather than being subjected to buying large packs of more than you need. This also means we are helping to reduce the vast amounts of wasteful food packaging thrown away every year.


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