A great shopping experience awaits you at Smith’s Farm Shop. For your convenience, we have our own large car park right outside the shop entrance. Our friendly members of staff are always ready to help carry your purchases to the car.

Outside our Chapel Brampton shop you will find our garden and pet supplies, plants and solid fuels. Inside the shop you will be greeted by a spacious layout for all the main food categories described below. We hope the quiet, relaxed atmosphere will help make your shopping trip more of a pleasurable experience, and less of a chore.

We also stock ranges of non-food products, mainly for the home, garden and pets. We also sell some smaller items including a selection of locally made greetings cards.

Fresh Fruit & Vegetables

Fruit & Vegetables

At Smith’s Farm Shop we have the very best quality fruit and vegetables that are full of flavour. We do this by sourcing our seasonal British fruit and vegetables as locally as possible. Our shops are also supplied with traditional garden vegetables from our own farm at Chapel Brampton.

June and July is the time when our home-grown garden vegetables start to come into season. For example, Maris Bard new potatoes will be harvested in the morning and be on the shelves in the shop by the afternoon on the same day. Guaranteed freshness like this is just one of the reasons why our customers really enjoy coming to Smith’s.

So that we can provide “one-stop” convenience for our customers, we complement our British produce with many of the other home essentials, like bananas and citrus.

Check out our British seasonal food calendar to see what’s available throughout the year.


Jams & Preserves

Have you tried Mrs.Smiths home made jams? Our customers love them!

We have a great selection of specialist preserves, some of which are made in our farmhouse kitchen

  • Marmalade Homemade orange marmalade is one of our specialties and is made to our own special recipe
  • Jams Our Strawberry and Raspberry jams are lovely spread on thick cut toast or stirred into hot porridge in the winter!
  • Local Northamptonshire honey is always available.
We also stock Mrs. Darlingtons range of lemon and orange curds, a fantastic range of traditional fruit preserves and curds as well as some more unusual flavours!


Frozen Foods

Our freezers are well stocked with a great range of convenience foods as well as meats, fish, fruit and vegetables which means we can supply you with particular produce even when its out of season! We also package most of our frozen foods in handy zip lock bags so that you can use what you want, when you need it, helping you to minimize wastage at home.

  • Frozen Meat Products
  • Free Range local lamb from Weedon.
  • Free range local chicken from Daventry – available fresh as well as frozen.
  • Superb quality local  beef  joints, steaks and mince delivered weekly from Daventry. The meat comes from the Dexter breed of cattle well known for its outstanding flavour.
  • Local pork sausages from Weedon, as well as pork and apple burgers which are perfect for a summer barbeque!
  • Duck breast fillets avaliable all year round
  • Whole Northampton wild rabbit, we also stock a wide range of local game throughout the winter months.
  • Frozen Convenience Foods

We stock the best quality complete ready meals and a constantly expanding range of convenience foods:

  • Pegoty Hedge range of organic ready meals made in Worcestershire.
  • Field Fare ready meals, crumbles and dark sweet cherry pies!
  • Previns frozen curries.
  • Frozen  pies, tarts and pastry dishes.
  • Selected en crout dishes.
  • Yorkshire puddings.
  • Chunky chips and tasty breaded chicken, plus lots more!
  • Frozen Fruit
    Our frozen fruit is perfect for pies, crumbles, smoothies, or puddings. We stock ready-prepared fruit, sold in 1 kg zip lock bags – excellent value, now with an even bigger selection.
  • Strawberries
  • Raspberries (including Scottish in season)
  • Blueberries and Blackberries
  • Gooseberries
  • Redcurrants and Blackcurrants
  • Summer fruit mixes, tropical fruit mixes, and californian fruit mixes.
  • Rhubarb
  • Mandarin Segments
  • Apples

This range is ideal for the Smoothie lover ‘ straight from freezer to blender with minimal preparation time and no waste. Why not try one of our Smoothie Recipes

  • Frozen Fish. 

We offer a wide selection of frozen fish. We have a full range of prawns, including frozen raw, cooked prawn, tail on or tail off, king prawn and barbeque ready black tiger shrimp!

You can also come and buy fresh fish from an independent retailer, whose van visits our Chapel Brampton shop each Thursday.

  • Whitefish (plaice, cod, haddock)
  • Salmon
  • Tuna steaksDSC_0710
  • Swordfish
  • Sardines
  • Kippers
  • Devon crab
  • Cornish sardines
  • Pitsford trout
  • Salmon Bacon
  • Mussels
  • A wide range of prawns including Black Tiger Shrimp and King Prawns

We also stock a brilliant selection of fish cakes, jumbo fish fingers, scampi and paella.

Now stocking Chapmans fish cakes, and Big Fish flavoured salmon fillets.

  • Other frozen product lines:
  • A wide selection of frozen vegetables, including those that are out of season such as runner beans, farmhouse vegetable mix and broad beans.
  • Pastries – including Croissant, Pain au Chocolat, Cinnamon swirls,  Pain au raisin and Danish pecan pastry – leave in a warm place to prove over night for a quick and freshly baked breakfast in the morning!
  • Desserts and puddings – Wide selection of Italian frozen ice cream desserts, and Mrs. Smiths frozen summer puddings.
  • Ice Cream:
  • Red Lion farm ice cream is made with milk from jersey cows on their farm in Stafford. We stock lots of flavours, as well as a special diabetic ice cream.
  • Gallones have been making ice cream since 1935! Based in Kingsthorpe, we stock all the traditional flavours, as well as some unusual types depending on the time of year such as Christmas pudding flavour or champagne sorbet.



Our delicatessen counter is always freshly stocked, including locally prepared cooked meats, pates, cheese, fresh olives plus other condiments and culinary oils. Our deli also stocks onion bahjis, samosas and spring rolls, scotch eggs, locally made fresh slices of quiche, and the best pork pies.

New to the Deli – The Pudding Parlour fresh, locally made, luxury slices of cake available, including their famous brownies!

We are particularly proud of our range of 50 types of hard and soft cheese, of which at least 20 are English varieties. Also on the deli counter, we have a selection of cheeses made from goat and sheep’s milk. Where possible, we source direct from the farm, so we can guarantee quality and traceability.

We now have a self service olive bar for you to help yourself to. There are a wide selection of olives, balsamic onions, garlic, anchovies to choose from, great for a quick lunch or a healthy snack.

We now offer fresh coffee to take away, and handmade rolls.


Dairy Produce



Our locally produced fresh milk is delivered five times per week from Hardwick, Northampton.

Skimmed, semi-skimmed and full cream milk available.

We stock real dairy ice creams made by Gallone’s who have been making ice cream in Northampton since 1935.

Longley Farm supplies us with a superb selection of fresh yoghurts, creme fraiche and cream.

Our skimmed, semi-skimmed and whole-milk comes from a local dairy farm, just 8 miles away! Where the cows are managed to the highest welfare standards, grazing outside on grass all day and housed at night. Support your local dairy farmer, by buying local milk!



We use local suppliers for maximum freshness. Our hen eggs are free range and available in 3 sizes and you can purchase quantities from half a dozen up to trays of 2.5 dozen.

Our Finedon and Leicestershire producers supply the following egg sizes: Small, medium and large.

In addition to fresh hen’s eggs, we also sell duck and goose eggs. Goose eggs can be quite hard to find and we are pleased to be one of the few stockists in the area.

Please note: duck and goose eggs are not available in the shop every day, as supply is dependent on the laying period of the birds.


Cakes & Pastries

We specialize in hand-made cakes, pies and pastries; all made locally by small producers and offer that home-cooked taste. Here’s a sample selection of what’s on offer:

  • Sweet:
  • Spongecakes
  • Fresh cream Cakes
  • Fruit Pies
  • Fruit Crumbles
  • Flapjacks
  • Chocolate Brownies
  • Handmade biscuits
  • Meringues
  • Savoury:
  • Traditional meat pies
  • Pasties
  • Quiches
  • Sausage rolls & scotch eggs
  • Lasagne





Our bread is baked locally by a small Northampton bakery. We collect the bread everyday in the morning so that it is as fresh as it can possibly be.

The bread is made in small batches by hand using the same 150 year old recipe. Loaves include the traditional cottage loaf, which is one of our best-sellers. We stock wholemeal, granary and white loaves. We also have a selection of rolls, cheese topped baps, and scones.



Fresh Meat

Whether your looking for a delicious  chicken to roast, a proper sausage for the best bangers and mash or the tastiest bacon sandwich, we stock the best quality meats and have a brilliant selection to choose from.

Fresh Poultry

We sell fresh, uncooked whole chicken and chicken breast meat.

Most of the poultry sold at Smith’s has been reared by local farmers using natural rearing methods, and are supplied whole-bird, oven-ready.

Pork Products

We offer a regular selection of the best quality gammon steaks, hams and joints, plus quality bacon and the best sausages made with a traditional family recipe.



Cut Flowers

We have a wonderful selection fresh-cut flowers all-year round.


Garden & Pet Supplies

Hanging baskets
Hanging baskets
Bedding plants
Compost and mulches



  • Hanging Baskets. Smith’s Farm Shop has acquired a reputation over the years for our high quality hanging baskets, which we assemble using our home-grown bedding plants. You can be sure that the high quality of our plants will ensure you will have a great display for many weeks. Just take a walk around our greenhouse, and choose from our colourful selection. Please note: our hanging baskets are available from the end of May until the end of summer.
  • Bedding Plants. You can also enhance your garden borders, tubs and troughs by selecting from our range of bedding plants
  • Perennials. We have a wide choice of perennials available.
  • Compost & Mulches. We stock bags of composts, mulches and manures to cover all your gardening requirements. These are supplied in standard retail volumes. Remember that Smith’s staff and always ready to help load your purchases into the car.
  • Fuels For your convenience, we stock a comprehensive range of smokeless fuels, logs and kindling, located outside at the front of the shop
  • NEW PET FOOD BARN. We have recently expanded our ranges of pet food and pet supplies at our Chapel Brampton (Northampton) shop have a look here!
    • We have a massive range that is constantly expanding, if there is anything we do not already stock, ask a member of staff if we can order it in for you!
    • Dog Food: The following brands are available: Skinners, Chudleys, James Wellbeloved, Autarky, Burgess, Country Value, Breederpack and Dr. John Silver. As well as Forthglade, Nature Diet, Applaws. New – Raw Natural Instinct Freezer, and Pure.
    • Dog Treats: Pigs ears, knuckle bones and a large selection of healthy natural treats, as well as betty millers tasty biscuit range.
    • Cat Food: We stock the following brands: Chudleys, Felix, Whiskas, Cat Breeder, Omega, Burgess, Hills, Harringtons and Applaws.
    • Toys: We have lots of different and interesting toys for cats and dogs, as well as other accessories such as leads, shampoos, coats, litter boxes and carry cages.
    • Horse Feed:  A selection of molly chaff, fast foods and the general complete mixes and cubes, for everything your horse needs.
    • Rabbit Food: Complete rabbit and guinea pig foods, as well as ready grass, a wide range of healthy snacks and toys.
    • Chicken Feed: We have a selection of chicken feeds, including layers pellets, corn, and chicken feeders, toys and treats and bedding.
    • Pet Bedding: Chopped straw, hay and wood-shavings in small and large retail pack sizes.
    • Horse Hay: We sell standard size bales and smaller bags of good quality horse hay.
    • Horse Bedding: Woodpecker quality shavings bale, Aubiose, Hemp Core Shavings,  Bedmax and Megazorb.
  • Wild Bird Food We sell seed and grain mixes suitable for feeding garden birds. Some of our bird food mixes use grain produced on our own farm. Sunflower hearts are available in various mixes. Nyger seed mixes available, which is ideal for all species of finch. We also sell some brilliant bird feeders and bird feeding tables, perfect to watch the birds enjoying the bird food mixes available.


Speciality Foods & Health Foods

We have recently expanded our range of speciality food products:

Great new range of locally brewed Ales, Ciders and collection of fine Wines

Gluten Free

We are very proud to be stocking many ‘free from’ foods that cannot be found elsewhere. We now stock an ever growing range of gluten free foods, such as breakfast cereals, cake mixes, gluten free baking supplies, as well as snacks, cooking sauces, pastas, noodles, seasonings and frozen ready meals. We now have a ‘free from’ fridge and freezer, stocking everything from dairy free cheeses, milks to gluten free vegan pies!

    • Teas and Coffee We sell a range of specialist teas and coffee products including Teapigs and Brichall Teas. We also sell an “everyday” selection of teas and coffee for your convenience.
    • Drinks and Juices We stock lots of different varieties of cordials and fruit juices, including Beetroot juice and Tomato juice. We also have many other traditional drinks such as Ginger Beer and Root Beer, and Belvoir Cordials, and freshly squeezed orange juice from the Deli.
    • Cooking Sauces We stock a wide selection of cooking sauces including some from established brands, like The Bay Tree Food Company.
    • Herbs, Spices and Condiments You’re sure to find the perfect accompaniment to any meal from our range. Some of our products, like the pickled onions, are made in our own farmhouse kitchen.We stock a range of over 60 types of herbs and spices.
    • Curry Corner Our Curry Corner is well stocked with local curry products – such as hand made Naan breads, Chapatis and Papadums, spicy indian savoury snacks, spice kits, curry pastes and bases, chutneys pickles and rices.
    • New authentic Chinese foods.
    • Mellow Yellow brand mayonnaise, and garlic mayonnaise, oils and salad dressings.
    • Cooking Oils and Fats. As well as our range of oils on our deli counter, we also stock 350g jars of goose fat, which is fantastic for making roast potatoes. We also stock Bertolli Olive Oils and duck fat.
    • Mellow Yellow rapeseed oil and salad dressings, made from British grown oil seed.
    • Honey. Local Northamptonshire honey is always available.
    • Health Foods We stock exciting ranges of dried and healthy snacks. Some of these products are produced to organic standards while others are suitable for people with specific food intolerances and allergies.
    • We have a huge selection of nuts, seeds and dried fruits in handy pots, from bombay mixes to honey cashews!
    • Range of Wessex Mill Flours, including a gluten free flour, and gluten free muesli. Specialty bread flours include: Six Seed, Wholemeal, White,  Gluten and Wheat Free Bread Flour. Also Onion bread flour, Honey and Seed, French bread flour, and lots more!
    • We now have a  Baking Section which is stocked with brown sugar, icing sugar, caster sugar, flours, and a large selection of dried fruits, nuts and seeds. We now sell everything you need to bake a Christmas cake, including marzipan, treacles, mixed peel, currants, glace cherries and a wide range of other dried fruits.
    • Store Cupboard:
    • Locally made condiments, sauces, vinegars, pickles,
      • dried grains, rice, pasta, beans and lentils.
      • snacks including, crisps, pork scratchings, popcorn, toasted rice snacks and crispbreads
      • massive selection of nuts, seeds and dried fruit
      • muesli and oats, granolas
  • American sweets, which can be hard to find! We have nerds, Hershey, Reeses pieces and much more.
  • Traditional Confectionery. We stock a large range of traditional boiled sweets such as humbugs, pear drops and peanut crunch.