Pet Food Barn



At the Pet Food Barn at our Chapel Brampton branch we have an enormous selection of pet foods and products for cats, dogs, horses, chickens, rabbits and guinea pigs. If there is anything you would like that we do not stock, please ask and we can try our best to order it in for you!

We now have good quality large bales of dust extracted wood shavings back in stock at £9.99


We stock a wide range of dog foods, such as Chudleys, Skinners, James Wellbeloved, Autarky, Applaws, Nature Diet, Country Value, Dr.John, Breederpack, Burgess Sensitive, Forthglade, Nature Diet, as well as our own brand foods. Dogs love our Betty Miller biscuits! We have a wide range of treats and have hypo-allergenic treats such as venison hearts and tongues, and stag bars.

We now stock Natural Instinct complete raw food!

We also stock knuckle bones, pigs ears, pigs trotters, chicken feet and other natural chews as well as health supplements.

There are lots of toys to choose from, squeaky toys, soft toys, rope toys and other interactive toys your dog will love! We now stock the brilliant range of Pet Head Shampoos and deodorizing sprays to keep your dog looking its best!


We stock Whiskers, Felix, Hi Life, Natures Menu, Applaws, James Wellbeloved, Royal Canin, Chudleys, Hill’s Science Plan, Burgess Sensitive, Omega and Sheeba. There is a large selection of wet and dry foods; as well as lots of treats, toys, catnips, litters, litter boxes and scratching posts.




Rabbits and Guinea Pigs

We stock Burgess Excel tasty nuggets for rabbits and guinea pigs, as well as Chudleys Rabbit Royale and our own brand foods. There are lots of other treats to help fortify your small animals diet such as country garden herbs, gnaw sticks, fruity bars, apple snacks, chamomile and birch bark herbage, and Readigrass. We also have wood shavings, hay and straw.


We stock the Small Holder Range of poultry feeds, of layers mash, pellets and mixed corn. As well as treats, feeders, drinkers and grit.

horsefood Horses

Pegasus mix, cubes and chaff, D&H pasture cubes and mix, A&P Ride and Relax, Dengie HI-fi Original and Lite, Happy Hoof, Fast Fibre, Condition Cubes, Barley Rings,  Alfa Beet, Molly Chaff Showshine, Veteren, Apple Chaff, Calmer, Speedi Beet and much more. As well as treats, supplements, hubblicks and bedding such as Megazorb, Aubiose, Verdo, Woodpecker and Bedmax . We sell standard sizes bales of good quality horse hay, as well as fresh horse apples and carrots.


Wild Bird Food

We’ve got a massive range of seeds, nuts, feeders and nesting boxes to help you attract, feed and care for the wildlife in your garden.


If there is anything you require that we don’t already stock please ask us and we will do our best to order it in for you!

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