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Fresh Fruit & Vegetables

At Smith’s Farm Shop we have the very best quality fruit and vegetables that are full of flavour. We do this by sourcing our seasonal British fruit and vegetables as locally as possible. Our shops are also supplied with traditional garden vegetables from our own farm at Chapel Brampton.

Loose & Unwrapped

Wherever possible, our fruit and vegetables are displayed without packaging, giving the customer the opportunity to buy exactly what they want without the use of unnecessary plastics.

Seasonal Calendar

Have a look at our seasonal calendar intended to provide a rough guide to the seasonality of British fruit and veg. We hope you will use it to stimulate your interest in fresh British farm produce. Going with the seasons means that you will be eating produce when it's at its very best for flavour and nutrition. Click here to find out more

One-stop Convenience

So that we can provide “one-stop” convenience for our customers, we complement our British produce with many of the other home essentials, like bananas, melons and citrus.

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