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To ensure we supply a wide range of products for our customers we source British farmers from across the rest of the country who are leading specialists in their industry. This means our customers have direct access to the very best fruit and vegetables. 


To show our commitment to working with local businesses we teamed up with Sauls of Spratton Ltd. Another family-run business, it  has been up-and-running since 1926, but has had a counter at Smith’s Chapel Brampton store since 2016, 


They provide outstanding high-quality meats, produced in a traditional way. They make their own sausages, pork pies, meat pies, pâtés, potted beef, sausage rolls, Cornish pasties and ready meals.

fresh fish

For fish lovers, freshness is an absolute must, but with Northamptonshire being so far from the coast this was problematic.  That is why we invited a fish van to visit our Chapel Brampton store every Wednesday.


A popular and regular fixture, it stocks a large range of fresh fish. Pop along every Wednesday between 11am-3pm to see for yourself what fishy offerings are up for grabs.


Instore we also provide single fish portions which are packed in a  way that means you can buy as little or as much as you require.


Our milk products come directly from a local dairy farm which is just eight miles away. The cows are kept to the highest welfare standards possible and spend their days grazing outside on fresh, luscious, green grass. By buying our milk you support your local dairy farmer.


Our hen eggs are free range and available in three sizes and come from two different local suppliers. We provide trays of different sizes which can hold just half a dozen eggs, right up to 2.5 dozen. 


We take the business of bread very seriously, which is why most of our bread is baked by hand in a small bakery in Northampton. The bakery in question has been using the same recipe for 150 years.


To ensure maximum freshness we pick up the bread every morning, so by the time the shop opens, our instore bakery has been newly stocked with baked goods that have just come out of the oven.


On Fridays we receive freshly baked sourdough bread, made by local supplier The Homemade Bread Company. The sourdough is so good, it prompted Bake Off judge Paul Hollywood to give a ‘Hollywood Handshake’ to baker Renata when she appeared on the show’s spin-off Extra Slice. The only handshake he has ever given on that show.


Although we are a farm shop, we also recognise our customers might also wish to pick up a sweet treat from time to time, which is why we stock a wide range of British classic boiled sweets.


We buy in bulk and pack down into compostable pots which means we can sell each pack at a great price, using eco-friendly packaging.


Our American sweets and drink ranges have also shown to be hugely popular and give our customers access to something a little bit different, which they may not find in their local supermarket. 


Smith’s Country Kitchen is a specialist delicatessen counter and one of our true passions. Our team take great pride in providing an excellent range of quality products that are hard to find in the larger retailers.


We sell hams and meats all provided by Sauls. Our cheese selection is vast and come from Northamptonshire and Leicestershire.


We are constantly searching for new products, which are eagerly anticipated by our customers.


We also provide filled rolls, hot and cold, in addition to coffee made from a local roaster.

frozen foods

Our freezers are well stocked with a great range of convenience foods as well as meats, fish, fruit and vegetables for those who like to keep some of the basics at home all the time.


While we always try to keep all our packaging to a minimum, some products need it. So, we decided to use zip lock bags so products can be easily accessed and zipped up again, minimising wastage at home. We also sell single portions as we recognise some people may only be shopping for themselves and may not wish to purchase large quantities of a certain item.

Pet corner

The entire Smith family are huge animal lovers so it made total sense to start catering for all pets, large and small. The Pet Food Barn at our Chapel Brampton branch stocks food for all, from hedgehogs to horses.


Customers will also find products for dogs, cats, horses, chickens, rabbits and guinea pigs. If there is anything you would like that we do not stock, please ask and we would be happy to order it in for you.

free from foods

At Smiths Farm Shop we are inclusive for all, including people with food allergies, and different food approaches. That is why we felt it was necessary to start stocking many ‘free from’ foods that cannot be found elsewhere in Northampton.


Many of these products are suitable for people with celiac disease as they are gluten-free. We also embrace vegetarianism and vegans, supplying a large range of foods suitable for those who have chosen to avoid meat and/or go dairy-free. 

jams and preserves

We are known across Northamptonshire for our fantastic selection of jams and preserves, of which many of them are locally



Mrs Smith herself makes some of our jams and our honeys are provided from a local farm, just five miles from the Chapel Brampton store.


It is not just eating food we are passionate about, but we also love the whole process of growing products and encouraging our customers to become self-sufficient.


That is why we sell a wide range of soil, manure, compost and grow bags, in addition customers can also pick up flowers, potted plants and seeds


We have a fine selection of locally-brewed ales and ciders, giving customers a little taste of Northamptonshire.


We also stock locally-made spirits including Phipps Gin or Two Birds Gins and Vodkas.

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