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Pet Food Barn

We cater for all animals from hedgehogs to horses to birds!

The Pet Food Barn at our Chapel Brampton branch has an enormous selection of pet foods and products for cats, dogs, horses, chickens, rabbits and guinea pigs. If there is anything you would like that we do not stock, please ask and we can order it in for you!

Bird Food

We have a fantastic range of wild bird food.

Mixed Wild Bird Food

Black Sunflower

Sunflower Hearts


Niger Seed


Fat Balls

Dog Food

We stock a wide range of dog foods as well as speciality foods for all diets. From frozen, grain-free, cold-pressed to traditional kibbled and wet foods, we have everything to suit your dog whatever its needs!

Not only a healthy diet but for a happy dog, we have an ever-changing range of toys and treats

Cat Food

From premium to value ranges we have a great selection of quality wet and dry foods. We also have a great range of treats and toys for a happy and healthy cat

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