Apples & Plums

September 9th, 2015
weekly apples


We have lots of English apples in this week, including Worcester Pearman which has a strawberry flavour, Festival, Red Windsor, Braeburn, Bramley Cookers, Estival which is crisp and slightly sharp, and Discovery apples which are grown in Northamptonshire – you can’t get more local than that!

plums 2discovery apples

Beautiful Victoria Plums are now in! Grown in Cambridgeshire, we also have damsons in – ideal for jams and gins but only available for a short time!



Do you support your local dairy farmer?

August 27th, 2015

Did you know every day a dairy farmer is forced out of business?

Our milk comes from only 8 miles away, from Newlands Farm Dairy.

Unlike other dairies, this milk is produced, processed, bottled and distributed all by the farm itself.

Newlands Dairy Farm

Newlands Dairy Farm

                             This small scale local dairy has a milking herd of only 150 cows, which graze on grass on open fields in the summer, and stay in warm straw filled barns in the winter.

the dairy herd

The dairy herd

Unlike other dairy farms, this dairy farm not only milks the cows on site, but also processes, bottles and distributes the milk all by itself!

Filling the milk bottles

Filling the milk bottles

Labelling the milk

Labelling the milk


Gerald in the milking parlour

Gerald in the milking parlour

Dairy Cow

Dairy Cow

We are very proud to stock this truly local milk. Locally produced milk gives traceability, low food miles, and all the benefits that come with dealing direct with the farmer himself.

When you buy milk from Smiths Farm Shop you can rest assured that you are supporting your local dairy farmer.

Calling all vegans and gluten free eaters!

August 27th, 2015

Our new ‘free from’ fridge freezer

We now have a fridge and freezer fully stocked and brimming with gluten free, vegan, dairy free, vegetarian, egg free, foods!

From dairy free cheeses to gluten free and vegan ready meals, we have found some brilliant hard to find products that anyone with a a restricted diet are sure to love!

Our favourites are a fria gluten free and dairy free pizza, amys kitchen gluten free vegan breakfast sandwich and tofutti creamy vegan gluten free cheesey spread!






Health foods


Health foods










Now you have seen some of our new fresh and frozen ranges, now for some of our health food range!

Whether your looking for superfoods such as barley grass, wheatgrass, bee pollen or cacao powder, or just seaweed spaghetti, we’ve got it all!


Our homegrown new potatoes are in!

June 29th, 2015





Asparagus season is now sadly over, but now we can say hello! to our fresh new crop of new potatoes grown here at Smiths Farm Shop! Straight from the field into the shop – our potatoes aren’t just new potatoes, they’re brand spanking new potatoes! Fantastic in salads or as a side dish with fish, or just in a bowl with lots of butter and salt! Yum!

new potaotes 2015


Homegrown Asparagus – The King of all Vegetables!

May 26th, 2015

After all the cold nights… finally our Asparagus is loving this weather and is growing like billio!

Our homegrown Asparagus is cut directly from the field and bundled, then into the shop within a matter of hours.

Because we love Asparagus so much, here are a few interesting facts about this magnificent vegetable:

  • The Romans were the first to cultivate asparagus more than 2000 years ago!
  • The Romans were also the first to preserve Asparagus by freezing it in the Alps for the feast of Epicurious in Jan/Feb.
  • Emperor Augustus is said to have built a special fleet of ships to transport the best quality Asparagus around the Roman Empire.
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals, its loaded with nutrients! It is fat free, cholesterol free and only around 4kcal per spear!

Stuck for ideas on how to eat the king of all vegetables? There are some fantastic Asparagus recipes ideas HERE.




It’s all going on at the farm!

May 26th, 2015

Planting pumpkin seeds.


Planting more pumpkin seeds!

This week we have took advantage of the lovely weather and have been planting pumpkin seeds, watching the potatoes plants grow, and have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of our Asparagus – which is finally here and loving this weather! It’s all going on!

We also have a flock of sheep that have come to Smiths Farm Shop for their holidays! They are only here for a short while, so be sure to come and see the lambs. At first King Henry, the Kune Kune pig was not too happy to have to share his paddock with the sheep but it hasn’t taken him long to accept them!



Easter Weekend Opening Hours

April 1st, 2015

Our Brampton Shop Hours: 

Good Friday: 9am – 5:30pm

Saturday 4th: 9am – 5:30pm

Easter Sunday: CLOSED

Monday 6th: CLOSED

Our Billing Shop Hours:

Good Friday: 10am – 4:30pm

Saturday 4th: 10am – 4:30pm

Easter Sunday:  CLOSED

Monday 6th: 10am – 4:30pm



Easter Weekend at Smiths Farm Shop

April 1st, 2015
free range eggs goose eggs









We’ve got special deals on our fantastic local free range chickens eggs. Trays of two and a half dozen for only £5.25! These chickens have been out on the grass to make the yummiest eggs possible for you!

Have you tried one of our goose eggs? Three times the size of  a chickens egg – the perfect Easter breakfast! They are superb – and make a wonderful dippy egg.

Duck eggs are now back in stock (but not for long!)

locally made hot cross buns

The only things hot and cross at Smiths Farm Shop this weekend are our fabulous buns! Handmade by Donna at Tees Bakery, they really are the most super dooper scrumdiddlyumptious hot cross buns you can buy!!

We also have some fantastic cuts of locally produced meat, fresh vegetables, eggs, Easter treats and our ever expanding Gluten Free and Wholefood range of products!



Full Range of Christmas Trees Now in !

November 28th, 2014




We now have our full range of of top quality, fresh cut English trees in – we have a fantastic selection to choose from! Our friendly members of staff will help you find the perfect tree for your home this Christmas!Ted with TreeOur Christmas TreesChristmas Trees


Nordmann Firs – An excellent non-needle dropping tree, with soft, wide, dark green needle.

Norway Spruce – A traditional favourite, many people enjoy its Christmassy scent once indoors during December.

Blue Spruce – A low drop tree that has a distinctive silver-blue colour, and a smell that is reminiscent of Christmas.

Fraser Fir – Dark green on top and silvery underneath, good needle retention, with branches that turn upward – perfect for hanging ornaments on.

We also have potted trees, tree stands, trees from 3ft to 15ft!

Please come in and talk to a friendly member of staff to find the perfect Tree for your house this Christmas! 

Our trees are un-netted so that you can see the shape of the tree, once you have chosen your tree we will then net it for you, and assist you with loading it into your car.

Flower Bouquets available from our Billing shop!

November 28th, 2014



Our experienced florist Sue has made up these lovely flower bouquets which are available from our Billing shop. If you would like something different, bouquets for special requirements can be be made to order with 2-3 days notice!DSC_0705DSC_0693DSC_0712DSC_0703DSC_0710